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Welcome to Springtree Capital! We are a provider of capital to small businesses. We work with companies in almost every industry and will provide capital to businesses that have a short operating or poor credit history. Since we are a direct provider of capital, we can make a decision and fund your account extremely fast. We want to build long term relationships with our customers so we can grow as you grow. Speed and customer service are our two primary differentiators.

Minimum Qualifications

Almost all industries acceptable

Located in the United States

Minimum monthly revenue of $10,000

At least 9 months in business

Why Springtree Capital

We work with businesses in almost every industry and credit background. We are not a bank constrained by numerous approval committees and strict guidelines.  We realize that most small businesses will encounter bumps in the road on the way to success.

As an entrepreneur and small business, time is one of your most valuable assets. It is for our company as well. We work extremely fast to evaluate and approve transactions. Time is money.

We look to build long term relationships with our customers so we treat them with respect.  You will not encounter any hidden fees.  We want to be your long term provider of capital along that journey.

Our Principles

We understand small businesses so well because of our entrepreneurial culture. We look for ways to say “yes” not for reasons to say “no”. We are not restricted by numerous approval committees. We are constantly testing new technology and innovative ways we can approve transactions faster and serve our customers better.

We also know that we are only as strong as our reputation so we treat our customers with respect. Repeat business from existing customers and referrals are our best sources of business. The same level of respect applies within our company and our employees. We encourage collaboration and teamwork of our employees.

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